General Ledger Accounting Software

Multi-entity, multi-location, multi-dimensional.

Improve financial visibility and efficiency with a fully-integrated financial ERP accounting system.

A Powerful General Ledger Unlike Any Other

A foundation for smarter, flexible financial management.

Unlike basic business ledgers and GL software, Sage Intacct’s innovative general ledger accounting system uniquely provides the extensive visibility, scalability, and flexibility you need to thrive without limitations.

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Multi-dimensional Visibility 24/7

Measure financials and metrics that matter to your business.

Sage Intacct general ledger software shows you reports and dashboards across any KPI. With dimension values – pre-built, user-defined, or required – you capture the unique business context of transactions, operational measures, and budgets and see the most relevant real-time views of business performance.

Everything You Need for Faster, Smarter Purchasing

Automate workflows with a native cloud system.

Sage Intacct’s cloud-based purchase order management software automates your unique workflows. Connect with accounts payable, cash management, and  inventory to save time and eliminate duplicate data entry across systems. Upload files for simpler record keeping and instant access to supporting documents.

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Multiple Entities Made Easy

Automate consolidations across businesses and locations.

Sage Intacct general ledger accounting software makes it easy to manage complex financials for multiple entities – domestically or globally. Consolidate financials with the push of a button, automate currency conversions, and get consolidated financial statements without waiting for month-end.

Robust Multi-Book Functionality

Reporting from every angle.

Sage Intacct’s general ledger software lets you see the difference between financial accounting statements in U.S. GAAP and IFRS, and on a cash basis—side by side. User-defined books let you easily report on a tax basis or on any country-specific or industry-specific standard.

Sage Intacct Puts You in Control

Purchasing simplified for everyone.

Take complete control of your entire procure-to-pay process. With Sage Intacct purchase order software, you leverage best-practice templates that enforce and control your careful, thoughtful processes for purchase requisitions, quotes, orders, returns, and more. Set spending limits to maintain budget compliance with spend management. And you can use tailored workflows and approval processes for purchase order management to ensure everyone adheres to your organization’s unique requirements.


  • See your business clearly: Increase visibility with highly flexible financial and business reporting and track performance by multiple financial accounting standards.
  • Support multiple currencies and entities: Grow without limits with easy multi-currency and multi-entity management.
  • Stay agile: Through a no-coding interface, you can easily manage user configurations and tailor GL workflows to automate your unique processes and workflows – without the expensive customizations.
  • Accelerate closings: Increase efficiency at month-end by closing the sub-ledgers that are ready while leaving others open as needed.

Industrial-Strength Takes on New Meaning

Explore Sage Intacct by your industry.

No matter what industry you’re in or business model you follow, your organization is unique. Don’t settle for a “one-size-fits-all” financial application. Sage Intacct is a highly flexible, powerful financial management solution that adapts to your workflows and reporting requirements.

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