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Join 400,000+ businesses using Sage 100cloud for powerful desktop management with the freedom and security of the cloud.

Key Benefits of Choosing Sage 100cloud

Streamlined Business Processes

Automate and simplify complex business operations. From payroll to payments, Sage 100cloud streamlines manual processes, ensuring efficiency and compliance.

Enhanced Visibility and Control

Gain unparalleled visibility into your manufacturing processes. Manage and track the complete job lifecycle with automated features for a detailed understanding of your production.

Cloud-Connected Features

 Enjoy the security and flexibility of the cloud. Sage 100cloud offers a modernized interface, customizeable capabilities, and seamless integration, all in a cloud-connected environment.

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Detailed Overview of Sage 100cloud Features

Delve into the specifics of Sage 100cloud with our comprehensive product guide. Understand how each feature can transform your business operations for maximum efficiency and growth.

Learn the Essentials

Sage 100cloud Modules

Accounting and Finance

Sage 100cloud’s Accounting and Finance module is a powerhouse for financial management. Featuring General Ledger, Accounts Payable, and Receivable, along with Fixed Assets and Bank Reconciliation, it ensures precise financial oversight. The module also includes Paperless Office capabilities, simplifying documentation and eFiling.


The eCommerce module seamlessly integrates with Sage 100cloud. It includes eBusiness Web Services and eBusiness Manager*, offering a robust platform for managing online sales and services. This module is designed to enhance your online business presence, streamline sales processes, and improve customer engagement in the digital marketplace.

Resource and Project Management

Resource and Project Management modules, including Sage HRMS and Job Cost*, are geared towards optimizing your human resources and project management. With Electronic Reporting and Payroll* facilities, along with Direct Deposit* and TimeCard features, it streamlines employee management and project tracking.
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Why Choose Sage 100cloud?

Innovate at Your Pace

Embrace rapid product innovation with the flexibility to upgrade on your schedule, ensuring your business stays ahead with the latest advancements.

Customizable to Your Core Needs

Leverage an open code base for deep customization. Tailor application settings to fit your unique business requirements seamlessly.

Collaborate Anywhere, Anytime

Boost collaboration with mobile access to critical information, retaining the rich experience of a native application, even on the go.

Additional Resources for Your Success

Sage 100cloud Resources and Support

Access a wealth of resources including interactive webinars, products guides, and our online support knowledge base to maximize your Sage 100cloud experience.

What Our Clients Say

Real Success Stories with Sage 100cloud

With Sage 100 in the cloud, I can focus more of my attention on the financial side of the business and less on the IT side of the business.

David Coburn, CFO and Owner of Woodenbridge, INC.

Sage 100cloud has allowed us to grow from 19 communities to 44 in just the five years that I’ve been here.

Andy Litton, CFO

The front office, similar to production and maintenance, was siloed and there wasn’t a coordinated effort. What I’m seeing now is truly a company-wide effort.

Dennis Fry, IT Analyst


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sage 100 in the cloud?

Yes, Sage 100 is now available in the cloud as Sage 100cloud. This version combines the robust features of the traditional Sage 100 with the flexibility and scalability of the cloud, making it an ideal enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for medium businesses.

Sage 100cloud is a comprehensive cloud-based accounting software designed for medium-sized businesses. It’s part of the Sage Business Cloud suite, offering enhanced features such as Sage Intelligence Reporting, customer relationship management (CRM) integration, and advanced manufacturing productivity tools.

No, Sage 100 is not being discontinued. Instead, it has evolved into Sage 100cloud, offering additional cloud-based capabilities and integration options, ensuring the software remains a key player in the Sage software portfolio.

The primary difference is that Sage 100cloud is a more modern iteration of Sage 100c. It includes cloud connectivity and additional features, such as enhanced CRM and Sage Intelligence Reporting, making it more than just simple accounting software. Sage 100cloud offers a wider range of key functions tailored to meet the evolving needs of medium businesses.

A diverse range of businesses uses Sage 100 cloud. Most commonly, we’ve found that Sage 100cloud is a great fit for small to medium business sizes- particularly those seeking to streamline their accounting processes and enhance manufacturing productivity. It’s ideal for companies looking for a comprehensive ERP solution that includes key functions like inventory management, financial reporting, and customer relationship management.

Absolutely! Sage 100cloud streamlines data entry processes, making it both efficient and user-friendly. The platform’s intuitive user interface is designed to simplify the entry of crucial business data, including sales orders and financial transactions. For financial reporting, Sage 100cloud excels with its integration of SAP® Crystal Reports, a powerful tool that enables you to create detailed, customizable financial reports.

This integration ensures that you can easily generate accurate and insightful reports, providing a comprehensive view of your financial health. With Sage 100cloud, managing sales orders and financial data becomes a seamless, efficient process, empowering businesses with accurate data entry and robust reporting capabilities.


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