Deltek Vantagepoint

A reimagined project-focused solution for architects, engineers, and professional service businesses.

Deltek Vantagepoint is built for the way you deliver projects, giving a complete view into your business in one place.


Module Overview

An inside look at Deltek modules.

Accounting & Financial Management

Manage project costs and company financials with precision. Quickly capture time and expenses, speed up the payment process and expedite financial management to deliver deeper visibility into the financial health of your projects and business.

CRM & Pipeline Management

Nurture client relationships and win more work with CRM. Identify projects early, pinpoint projects worth pursuing, nurture client relationships when it matters most and better position your company to win with Vantagepoint CRM.

Project Management

Proactively manage and deliver successful projects. Put your projects and clients at the center of your business and manage the complete project in one hub with complete visibility into project financials and performance to keep every project on track.

Resource Management

Put the right people on the right projects at the right time. Build profitable project plans so you can boost utilization and balance the workload. And, quickly adjust resources to meet changing demands.


Advantages of Vantagepoint

Drive business your way.

Get the Full Picture

Gain greater insight into all aspects of the business and empower your team to make better, more informed and timely decisions.

Deltek Chart Icon
Establish Clear Goals

Set goals and expectations to nurture business development and drive projects to completion in a optimized and profitable manner.

Leverage Your Data

Expand the lens with a graphical view of financial reporting and predicitve data for better business intelligence and effective planning.

Deltek Dashboards and Views
Customize Dashboards

Deliver real time information to the right people, empowering them to focus on their most important work and improve productivity company-wide.

Utilize Open API

Connect solutions such as Salesforce, Quickbooks, Outlook, and more to build a software suite catered to your needs.

Advantages of Vantagepoint

Drive business your way.

Benefits By Role

Vantagepoint for the whole team.

Project Manager Icon
Project Manager
  • Build realistic plans from the outset for better project delivery

  • Proactively manage projects in real time with updated hours and expenses

  • Easily adjust resources to meet changing demands

  • Simplify invoicing and billing review

  • Monitor project performance

Operation / Resource Manager Icon
Operation / Resource Manager
  • Employee utilization

  • Resource scheduling

  • Manage staff

  • Goes beyond just project details

  • Accurate forecasts and adjusted projects

  • Track actual workload that is easy to maintain

  • Monitor financial impact of project staffing

  • Balance workload and boost utilization quickly and easily

  • Easily adjust resource assignments to meet changing demands

  • Plan for potential projects more proactively

  • Identify gaps for cross training or hiring

CFO Icon
  • Streamline month-end close with automation and workflows

  • Create timely, accurate financials and reporting

  • Expedite payment with accurate invoices

  • Monitor company and project-based performance

  • Manage budgets effectively

  • Manage assets and purchase order processes with ease

CIO / IT Manager Icon
CIO / IT Manager
  • Easily implement with minimal maintenance

  • Implement one solution that meets the needs of the different teams within the business

  • Easily support staff with user-friendly solution with little interruptions

  • Deliver a fast, reliable and secure solution

CEO / Owner Icon
CEO / Owner
  • Monitor the health of their pipeline, projects, resources and finances

  • Make strategic decisions quickly with actionable insight

  • Drive adoption to leverage one version of the truth

CEO / Owner Icon
Busines Development / Sales / Marketing
  • Cultivate client relationships

  • Build pipeline

  • Identify and pursue projects

  • Not another system to manage

  • Easily accessible and not a burden on time

  • Delivers insight into potential projects and client relationships

  • Easily capture connections with clients

  • Connect with clients when it matters most

  • Monitor key BD metrics and understand the ROI for BD/marketing activities

  • Build pipeline and identify gaps

  • Manage opportunities and pursuit strategies

  • Build impressive proposals

Deltek Resources

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Success Stories

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“Much easier access for all our employees with the web platform. Dashboards are considerably stronger than before having accurate data shown in a better, clearer way that includes graph. Project HUB just make things simpler to access having all projects information in one place. Integrated Planning that doesn’t require to manually create a plan from a project is outstanding. Overall, Vantagepoint is so much more pleasant to work with.”

Luce Tanguay | Finance Director GH+A Design Studios

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