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Cloud Offerings

Deltek solutions are designed to be seamlessly delivered in the Cloud andcan significantly reduce your technology hardware and software costs, plus allow you to avoid the time-consuming burden of setup, deployment and maintenance. You won’t have to worry about ongoing maintenance, backups or security protocols; and with internet access, you’ll have secure access from anywhere.

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Lower Total Cost

Deliver the best infrastructure without the hassle, downtime or unexpected expenses of on-premise solutions.

Increase Security

Reduce risk with the Deltek Cloud, monitored 24/7/365 for physical, technical and operational security.

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Performance Stability

Get scalable solutions that grow with you so performance is maintained when you add data, users, and functionality.

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Frequent Enhancements

Get on the latest version of Vantagepoint without tying up valuable resources for upgrades and updates.

Access Anywhere

Enable your teams across the globe. Ensure you can easily access, extend or get data in and out of your system, safely.

Benefits By Role

How this impacts day-to-day work.

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Project Manager

Deltek delivers the tools you need to manage your projects successfully, including adapting and changing to the way your business and workforce are asking you to change.

Deltek enables you to harness the power of social risk management, delivers more granular project cost and schedule reporting, and gives you the accessibility to manage projects at the customer site, in the office, or onthe go. Deltek’s cloud solutions provide the industry’s deepest, most reliable capabilities that adapt with you over time and provide you with leading functionality in lockstep with market needs.


Human Resources

With Deltek’s cloud-based and integrated HR and Talent solutions, that automate and streamline key business processes that will positively impact the bottom line –from the requisition to revenue cycle. Our solutions empower you to find and onboard new talent and measure how talent is sourced while in the office or on the go.

Core processes like performance management are evolving, and Deltek’s solution will holistically power your talent and core HR processes putting you on the forefront of how project-based businesses need to act today. With our cloud solutions, you will receive new enhancements regularly to stay in lockstep with key HR trends faster and more reliably than you would through internally hosted solutions.

Business Development / Sales / Marketing Funnel

Business Development, Sales, Marketing

Built for how you work, access Deltek’scloud solutions anytime, anywhere.

Our cloud BD solutions empower you to update contacts quickly, and enter/track in activities or tasks in a simple way to minimize effort on the device that you use. By being accessible and “always on”, you can take the pulse of your sales efforts at home, in a cab, or on a plane – right before you take off.

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CFO / Finance

Deltek’s cloud solutions provide the world‘s leading project focused accounting and finance capabilities available anytime and anywhere.

Our heritage is delivering the world’s deepest project accounting and corporate finance solutions, and we have brought that heritage to the cloud with industry-rich, fully-featured ERP solutions ready to give you the visibility and control that is essential to your business. Couple that with better performance, easy upgrades, and lower total cost of ownership from a cloud solution, and you have an unbeatable combination.

CIO / IT Manager

By choosing the Deltek Cloud, you can free up your IT organization to focus on your own growth versus supporting yet another system.

Get the best of both worlds -a proven professional services solution without the hassles of updating servers, hardware or any of the IT monitoring or technical maintenance.

With Deltek, you can stay confident that all of the necessary infrastructure, security, and compliance controls are covered by Deltek’s team of experts.

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CEO / Owner

Regardless of your size, complexities or unique business requirements, Deltek’s Cloud solutions can handle your firm’s growing needs.

We provide a worry-free, secure environment so your IT teams can focus on strategic initiatives, and you can stay confident that your cloud solution will sustain you now and into the future.

With AWS as our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) partner, clients benefit from the extensive compute capacity, geographic reach and workload types. Additionally, we can focus on improving our processes and bringing more modern and sophisticated solutions to our clients.

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“Cost savings have been immense. We’re now collecting revenue 20 days earlier. But we’re also saving money because we only have to maintain one system. Just the sheer saving in effort and manpower, combined with the increase in efficiency has been worth it.”

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