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Struggling with managing cash flow, forecasting, and keeping up with financial data? Sage Intacct's cash flow management software is your solution. Experience real-time cash flow analysis, seamless bank account management, and automated processes designed for your business's unique needs. Say goodbye to late payments and inadequate working capital. Embrace a future where every cash decision is informed, strategic, and data-driven.

Key Features of Sage Intacct's Cash Flow Management Tools

Real-Time Financial Visibility

Complete Cash Visibility

Seamless Integration with Sage Intacct​

Automated Cash Flow Processes

Comprehensive Invoice Processing

Effortless Bank Account Management

Real-Time Integration with Financial Systems​

Real-time Financial Data Access

Advanced Data Entry Automation​

On-the-Go Cash Management

Customizable Integration

Benefits of Implementing Sage Intacct's Cash Management System

Transform Your Cash Flow Management

Enhanced Integration and Flexibility

Enhanced Financial Decision Making

Make smarter, data-driven financial decisions with real-time access to your cash flows, enabling you to harness the full potential of your business's financial health.

 Improve Cash Flow Management

Time and Cost Efficiency

Automate and streamline your cash management processes, saving invaluable time and reducing costs associated with manual financial management.

Enhance Accuracy and Prevent Fraud​

Financial Accuracy and Security

Improve financial accuracy and security by automating bank reconciliations and tracking every cash movement with precision, reducing the risk of errors and fraud.

Streamline Approval Processes

Adaptable to Your Business Needs

Customize and integrate Sage Intacct with other financial tools you use, creating a cash management solution that aligns perfectly with your business operations.

Insightful Cash Flow Forecasts

Insightful Cash Flow Forecasts

Plan for the future with insightful cash flow forecasts and scenarios, ensuring you're always prepared for what lies ahead in your financial journey.

Professionals discussing Sage Intacct cash management features

Industries That Thrive with Sage Intacct

Tailored Cash Management for Every Sector

Sage Intacct's cash management software adapts to a wide range of industries, each with its unique financial demands.



Financial services

Financial Services






Professional Services

Professional Services

Transforming Our Financial Management

Hear From Our Satisfied Clients

Sage Intacct has made a world of difference for all of our day-to-day financial processes – from reporting, to accounts payable and receivable, to payroll.

Larry Chank, CFO
Hopi Tribe Economic Development

With Sage Intacct, we can accurately report back the specific cost associated with each programmatic component, as well as the program’s impact to date.

Shari Freedman, CFO

We’re launching new projects & initiatives. Sage Intacct provides critical insight into the success of our projects.

Sara Williams, Director of Financial Solutions


Your Questions Answered

Frequently Asked Questions

What is cash flow management software?

Cash flow management software is a specialized tool designed to optimize the management of a business’s cash flows. It encompasses a variety of functionalities aimed at tracking, analyzing, and forecasting a company’s financial inflows and outflows. This software assists in maintaining an adequate level of working capital, ensuring smooth business operations. 

Key features often include the ability to conduct detailed cash flow analysis, automate bank reconciliations, manage bank accounts, and generate real-time financial reports. This type of software is essential for businesses seeking to enhance their cash flow management, improve financial planning, and make strategic decisions based on accurate financial data.

Sage Intacct cash management refers to a component of the Sage Intacct accounting software suite that focuses on managing and optimizing a company’s cash flows. This cash management system provides a comprehensive solution for businesses to handle all aspects of their cash flow management, from forecasting future cash flows to automating bank reconciliations. It offers features like real-time visibility into cash positions, streamlined management of bank and credit card accounts, and the ability to create various cash flow scenarios. Sage Intacct’s cash management tool is designed to enhance the financial health and efficiency of a business, providing robust financial management capabilities.

Yes, cash management can be automated, especially with the help of advanced cash management software like Sage Intacct. Automation in cash management involves using software to handle repetitive and complex tasks such as transaction entries, bank reconciliations, and generating cash flow forecasts. This reduces manual errors, saves time, and improves the overall accuracy of financial records. Automated cash management tools also provide real-time updates on cash positions, facilitating quicker and more informed financial decision-making.

The key to managing cash flow effectively lies in accurate tracking, forecasting, and strategic planning. It involves maintaining a clear and real-time view of all cash inflows and outflows, understanding the financial health of the business, and being able to predict future cash positions. Effective cash flow management also requires a business to be agile in adjusting to changing financial circumstances, ensuring there’s always enough cash to cover obligations and identifying opportunities for using excess cash efficiently.

The best way to monitor cash flow is through the use of comprehensive cash flow management software. This software provides a centralized platform for tracking all cash movements, including accounts receivable, accounts payable, and bank transactions. With features like real-time data access, automated financial reporting, and customizable dashboards, such software allows businesses to have a continuous and accurate overview of their cash positions. Regularly reviewing financial reports, conducting cash flow analysis, and utilizing forecasting tools are also crucial for effective cash flow monitoring.

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