Deltek PIM

Manage projects and all the documentation that comes with them.

Specifically designed for the AEC industry, Deltek Project Information Management (PIM) is the one source of truth for corporate and project information, providing easy access to the latest versions of emails, documents, drawings and more.

Features Overview

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Deltek Emails

Proactively Manage Emails

  • Eliminate hours wasted every day managing and organizing project emails
  • Keep email in a secure, central location instead of multiple copies across the company
  • Find emails quickly by searching simultaneously across all projects

Simplify Document Management

  • Keep drawings, correspondence and submittals in one location so team members can access easily and quickly
  • Leverage version control to ensure everyone is working on the most current files
  • Create automated workflows to streamline the review process to keep projects on schedule and team members accountable

Automate Drawing Management

  • Manage and control standards throughout the entire drawing lifecycle from creation through as-builts.
  • Automate revisions and issue drawings to eliminate the burden of administrative tasks.
  • Apply version control so everyone is working from the latest files, ensuring accuracy on every project.

Stay Connected to Field Activities

  • Equip teams to access and capture project-site data from mobile devices, reducing office administrative tasks
  • Empower office teams to continue moving projects forward with access to real-time field information
  • Monitor status of punch lists items with an insightful dashboard to keep projects and subcontractors on track

Manage Beyond the Project

  • Organize critical business documents, including HR forms, legal documents and marketing collateral in one central location
  • Share important documents across the company while maintaining security and control
  • Turn your firm’s intellectual property into an asset instead of a liability

Enhance Collaboration

  • Eliminate third-party solutions with the ability to share files with internal and external team members.
  • Increase productivity by allowing the entire team to discuss topics and make decisions from where the documents reside.
  • Take collaboration to the next level: track more than just versions and create conversations that provide context and improve team coordination.


Firm-wide organization and productivity.

Deltek Document with house and checkmarks


Save time searching for information by storing emails, documents and drawings required to deliver a project in one location.

Deltek Document


Find corporate and project information quickly and easily by organizing files in an intuitive way that’s accessible in office and out remote.

Deltek Document with sun


Streamline the way transmittals, submittals and approvals are managed to keep projects accountable and on schedule.

Deltek people talking


Improve project outcomes by empowering teams to collaborate more efficiently, helping them make and document decisions.

Deltek Shield


Institute a robust quality control process and audit trail to mitigate risk and resolve disputes faster, keeping your business safe.

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“BCS Prosoft has been an excellent resource for us. Their team has always been ready to assist and help out. When we tried to implement the Project Planning and Resource Management modules for Deltek Vision we had no idea where to start. With BCS ProSoft’s training and support we are now using them very effectively.”

Steve Weiland

Walker Macy (Landscape Architecture)

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