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Nurture client relationships and win more work.

Identify potential projects early, pinpoint clients worth pursuing, nurture relationships when it matters most, build a strong pipeline and better position your company to win with Vantagepoint CRM.


How This Impacts Day-to-Day


Nurture Client Relationships

  • Never miss another follow-up with alerts and notifications
  • Easily identify which clients need attention
  • Manage activities, clients and pursuits on mobile device or through Outlook
  • Quickly set reminders for follow-up with “Hey Deltek”
  • Gain complete visibility into client relationships to see where to invest time
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Monitor Pursuits and Pipeline Health

Gain complete visibility into your pipeline and actively manage your pursuits for better planning, forecasting and positioning

  • Proactively manage pursuits to stay in front of the competition
  • Identify gaps and develop action plans to win more work
  • Use interactive dashboards to have all pursuit details at your fingertips
  • Accurately forecast revenue and identify resource needs

Create Impressive Proposals

Create winning proposals that are on brand, on message and specific to the project pursuit

  • Create impressive proposals with actual project and employee details
  • Empower staff with an easy-to-use interactive proposal tool
  • Use drag and drop to easily add sections, pages and images in live preview
  • Create proposals templates to quickly meet client needs and follow company brand

Turn Insight Into Action

Monitor your business development and marketing activities to measure ROI, quickly identify gaps and develop action plans.

  • Understand cost of project pursuits
  • Identify which clients, markets and projects are most profitable
  • Measure impact of marketing campaigns on leads and pipeline
  • Monitor key metrics to identify what is working and where adjustments are needed

Seamless Integration

Build targeted lists in Deltek Vision CRM, then send your campaigns through HubSpot, Mailchimp, Constant Contact or to any platform using a robust API and the Blackbox Connector


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“Deltek Vision CRM gives us the ability to make theright go/no-go decisions because we finally have the power to analyze project feasibility costs.”


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