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Ongoing Support — With You Every Step of The Way

Have you given any thought to what happens after your new system is implemented? Do you have a system in place but are lacking the resources to support it?

BCS ProSoft offers ongoing support services to organizations that do not have the ability to support their ERP system either due to the lack of internal resources or the technical expertise to feel like they are getting the most value from their investment.

Our team is available to you directly. Not only will we aid in reallocating valuable internal resources to more strategic initiatives or help compensate for lack of support bandwidth, but we also help lower your administration costs to more rapidly achieve the ROI objectives set for your new system.

Enlisting BCS ProSoft to support your system will give you access to a dedicated resource that will:

  • Create and maintain your system content
  • Configure changes
  • Provide tactical support for version migrations
  • Support the addition of new products and global roll-outs
  • Troubleshoot issues and log support incidents
  • Provide configuration and testing assistance

Three levels of Ongoing Support are available. To learn more about what is included with each, check out our Customer Care Plan options.

Think about where your business and processes were two or even one year ago. Have they changed? Probably so. Has your system evolved along with the changes in your needs and processes? Probably not.

We find most organizations end up on the verge of throwing out an existing system when there is actually a good chance it can be saved with an optimization project. Our team will spend time with yours learning what isn’t working and analyzing how the system is being used. From this discovery process, you will receive an analysis report and recommendations on how your system and your processes could be optimized to work in harmony together. Or, in rare cases, we make the recommendation you go out to market in search for a replacement.

If your organization is feeling the pain of an ERP system that isn’t meeting your needs and is frustrating your team, request a System Review to learn more about how we can help.

Writing reports within ERP systems can be complex and time-consuming. BCS ProSoft’s technical team is well versed in analyzing reporting requirements to identify gaps between standard reports and your business requirements. We create customized reports and analytics to address the unique needs of your business.

Do you have disparate systems that need to be integrated so you receive maximum business impact and efficiency? Duplicate data entry and maintaining multiple databases should no longer be your normal. Our technical consultants have advanced experience with application programming interfaces (API’s) and many other interface programs, allowing us to assist your team with integrating many ERP systems.

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Our NetSuite, Deltek, and Sage customer support services are the best in the biz, with a 99% customer satisfaction rating.
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