Several customers have inquired how to apply credits and invoices through Accounts Payable.  They do not want the credit and invoice to appear in Invoice Payment Selection or on the Aged Invoice Report.  In Accounts Receivable, there is a utility to apply credits and invoices.  The following are simple steps to apply credits to invoices in Accounts Payable:

  1. Open Accounts Payable / Main / Manual Check Entry.
  2. Enter the bank code.
    Note: A bank code must be entered but does not effect the entry because it does not post to any General Ledger account.
  3. Type “APP” (without quotes) and a number from 1 to 999 in the ‘Check No’ field (For example, APP0001). The ‘Check Amount’ field should be zero and cannot be changed.
  4. Click the ‘Header’ tab, and at the ‘Vendor No’ field, select the vendor number to apply the credit memo.
  5. Click the ‘Lines’ tab
  6. At the ‘Invoice No’ field, select the credit memo to be applied. The credit invoice information appears.
  7. At the ‘Invoice No’ field, select the invoice to apply the credit memo. The invoice information appears.
  8. At the ‘Invoice Amount’ field, change the invoice amount to reflect the positive amount of the credit memo, if necessary.
  9. The check distribution amount should be zero. Click ‘Accept’.
  10. Print and update the Manual Check Register.