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BCS ProSoft is the proud publisher of the award-winning Automated Rental Management (ARM) Software Suite. ARM is a rental software suite designed specifically for party/event, construction, and heavy equipment rental companies. ARM is used by hundreds of rental organizations to automate their rental inventory and financial management processes.

What We Do

Refining business through technology.


Breakdown Silos

Bring fragmented data together and ease the burden of maintaining multiple business systems by creating one source of truth to monitor KPIs.


Operational Efficiency

Unite ERP, Project/Resource Management, Time & Expense, CRM and other systems to automate processes and control costs.


Improve Visibility

Achieve a comprehensive, real-time picture of your business and support timely, data-driven decisions across your organization.


Increase Profitability

Review timelines, resource utilization and profitability to develop more accurate quotes and identify areas for margin improvement.

How We Do It

Our 5 step process to optimization.

At BCS ProSoft, we help you transform the way you do business by aligning people, process, and technology in order to drive innovation, increase productivity, increase project profitability, and improve controls. It all starts with an initial conversation where we listen to and understand the unique aspects of your business ─ then dedicate ourselves to identifying and implementing the right solution to bring about the sustainable change that can take your firm to the next level and enhance your competitive advantage.


Define expectations, goals, and objectives to provide program oversight and execution guidance.


Identify risks and dependencies, then uncover and examine key aspects of your business.


Define and execute project, then document all internal processes for knowledge transfer.


Deploy new processes and systems and provide on-going support for you and your team.



Review opportunities to optimize your solution and maximize performance.

1,500+ businesses

thrive with the help of BCS ProSoft.

“Managing rental inventory with ARM is one of those key technologies that we couldn’t live without. We know in an instant what equipment is in, where it is, who should be billed, who has been billed, who has paid, and who hasn’t paid.

Elizabeth Deck

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