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Simplify Your Accounting Processes With Real-Time Insights and Accurate Financial Reporting

Sage Intacct General Ledger Automates Your Accounting Processes

No more juggling spreadsheets or worrying about manual errors. Sage Intacct’s AI-powered system captures and posts transactions, giving you instant access to accurate financial data whenever you need it.

Real-Time Data for Better Decision Making

Discover powerful features designed to give you more control over your financial management

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Customizable Dimensions

Create dimensions that match your business needs. Whether it’s projects, departments, or locations, Sage Intacct allows you to tailor your chart of accounts for precise financial tracking.
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 Real-Time Financial Closing

Forget the end-of-period rush with continuous closing. Sage Intacct captures, posts, and reports transactions immediately, so your financial information is always up-to-date, accurate, and ready for review whenever you need it.
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Built-In Financial Reporting

No need for external tools. Sage Intacct comes with built-in financial reporting features that allow you to generate accurate financial reports and gain instant insights through customizable dashboards

Secure Data Sharing

Share your financial insights securely with authorized users. Sage Intacct ensures that only the right people have access to your sensitive financial data, maintaining privacy and compliance.
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Multi-Entity Management

Manage multiple entities with Sage Intacct. Create and modify entities and hierarchies without needing a new implementation, and centralize inter-entity transactions to reduce errors and save reconciliation time.

AI-Driven Benefits of Sage Intacct General Ledger

Leverage AI To Take Your Financial Management to the Next Level

Easy Entity Management

Sage Intacct General Ledger leverages AI to create and modifiy entities and hierarchies without requiring a new implementation. This means you can update your hierarchy as your business evolves without the need for a complete system overhaul, ensuring quick and straightforward management.

Centralized Automation

With AI technology, Sage Intacct General Ledger can automatically handle and process transactions between entities, eliminating the need for manual entry and reducing the risk of errors. This process allows for faster and more accurate financial reporting, saving your team time and effort.

Automated Currency Management

Let AI handle your currency rate tables and conversions. Sage Intacct’s AI automates these tasks, eliminating manual errors. By using AI, high transaction volumes are managed easily, saving your team countless hours of manual calculations and reducing the risk of costly mistakes.

Continuous Financial Visibility

Sage Intacct’s AI technology continuously consolidates your financial data, providing you with instant, drill-down visibility into your financial health. These insights ensure your data is always accurate and up-to-date, allowing you to make informed decisions and manage your finances proactively.

Real Results with Sage Intacct

See the impact of Sage Intacct’s general ledger software on our customers

250% ROI

Customers experience a 250% return on investment with Sage Intacct’s accounting solutions.

6 Months Payback

Achieve payback in just 6 months with Sage Intacct, thanks to significant time and cost savings.

79% Close Time Reduction

Reduce your financial close time by 79%, enabling quicker and more accurate reporting.

65% Productivity Improvement

Increase your team’s productivity by 65% with automated processes and real-time visibility.

 #1 in Customer Satisfaction

Sage Intacct is rated #1 in customer satisfaction on G2, trusted by businesses worldwide.

Customer Success Stories

Real stories of transformation with Sage Intacct

 Based on past experience with Microsoft GP’s reporting limitations, it was an easy decision to choose Sage Intacct’s flexible, reliable reporting and modern accounts payable.

Keith Yoder

CFO, Hickory Creek Healthcare Foundation

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about Sage Intacct General Ledger

What is general ledger accounting software?

General ledger accounting software is a type of accounting system designed to manage and record a company’s financial transactions. It helps businesses maintain accurate financial records by centralizing all financial data into ledger accounts, ensuring that all aspects of your business processes are accurately captured.
Creating a general ledger in Sage Intacct is straightforward. You can set up your chart of accounts to fit your business needs, customize dimensions for detailed tracking, and automate data entry. This general ledger software helps you maintain accurate financial records and streamline your financial transactions.
A ledger account in Sage Intacct is a record used to track all financial transactions related to a specific category, such as cash flow or expenses. This helps ensure that your accounting system is organized and that you can easily maintain accurate financial records.
Sage Intacct is used for managing various financial processes within a business, including general ledger accounting, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and financial reporting. This accounting software enhances efficiency, accuracy, and provides real-time insights into your financial health.
Yes, Sage Intacct uses AI to automate and optimize financial processes. AI-powered features help reduce errors in data entry, provide real-time transaction insights, and streamline business processes, ensuring that you maintain accurate financial records and improve overall efficiency.
Sage Intacct helps maintain accurate financial records by automating data entry, capturing real-time financial transactions, and offering robust general ledger software. It also supports inventory management and cash flow tracking, ensuring that all business processes are accurately documented and easily accessible.

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