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BCS ProSoft, LLC is an award-winning provider and value-added reseller of business management software and technology consulting services.
ERP Cloud Strategy

With a dedicated ERP system you can reduce bottle necks and discrepancies due to disparate systems. Moving to a cloud-based ERP system can benefit your organization through reduced IT costs, increased security, system access anytime and anywhere, curated technology that scales, and one source of truth company-wide.

Of course, cost is a factor. However, what most businesses gain in productivity and reduced infrastructure costs offset the investment of implementing an ERP cloud system within one year of adoption.

BCS ProSoft invests the time to get to know your business and understand the unique needs of each department and the people that make it all work. Our experience across industries gives us unique insight to what software performs and what doesn’t.

We partner with your organization, value your time and at any point during the evaluation process if we discover we are not a fit for your business, we’ll immediately stop and point you in the right direction.


An ERP systems strategy reviews the current state of your company and looks at your future business objectives. It then outlines how your ERP technology architecture needs to evolve to meet these goals.

Our ERP strategic planning experts will develop a roadmap for your organization’s ERP technology architecture. We will equip you with a plan for future technology acquisitions and provide you with framework for prioritization and decision-making. The result is a clear strategy, vision, and objective for your ERP technology.

An effective strategy begins with a clear understanding of your organization:

  • Does your business have multiple business systems, causing your team to manage duplicate data?

  • Is your organization looking to replace or add new ERP, CRM, or PSA systems?

  • Do you have rapid expansion plans?

  • Has your organization been part of a recent merger or acquisition, or are you preparing for one?

If you find yourself in any of these situations, it is time to review your ERP System Strategy.


An ERP software system that functions at peak performance gives your organization the most value from its investment.

Our ERP software consultants are certified to implement many of the market’s top Cloud ERP solutions. We have extensive experience with ERP implementation management, having completed thousands of projects on behalf of clients nationwide over our 30 years in business.

Along the way, our team has learned each client has unique processes that require special attention. Throughout your implementation, we will leverage this knowledge to ensure your new ERP software is put to work.

We’ll deliver an extra level of consulting that typically isn’t experienced during vendor implementation projects. We will work together to determine project goals, discover which business processes are most important to you, and provide best practice recommendations to make the best design decisions for your organization.

Whichever product you choose, our consulting services will help increase the likelihood of user adoption. Rest assured our team is ready to help you accomplish long-term success with your ERP system investment.


BCS Prosoft’s proven implementation methodology and software project management services ensure a seamless transition. They include the identification of risks and corresponding mitigation strategies around Enterprise Resource Planning systems implementations.

We will collaborate, share information, and bring in specific resources as needed to ensure a successful and on-time implementation.

ERP Project Recovery

Unfortunately, not all Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software implementations or projects go as planned. The reason could be project scope creep, over customization, or the implementer simply can’t get the job done.

Project failure can take many forms. It can be a complete operational disruption or a lack of alignment and user buy-in.

Each project we take on begins with a conversation between key stakeholders and our ERP consulting team. Together, they’ll work to identify risks and develop an action plan. This plan addresses your immediate priorities and more significant improvements in the longer term.

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