Become a Paid Informant

Our new company referral program is sweet and simple. If you know a company with 25 or more employees, you’re all set to apply.

Just fill in the form with your details, details of the company you’re referring, and those of a colleague at that company with the power to make things happen. One of our account managers will contact them to sort out the rest.

So refer BCS to as many companies as you’d like and make everyone happy. Your colleagues get to discover our solutions and services and you’ll get a $200 Amazon Gift Card once they sign a proposal.*

Not a bad day at the office!

*You do not need to be a BCS ProSoft customer to qualify for the Amazon offer. The company you refer must not already be a BCS ProSoft client, must have more than 25 employees, and must qualify for a new business system or our professional consulting services. We’ll send you the gift card when your referral signs their first proposal.