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Resources for New Deltek Vision Users

November 20, 2017 by Shawna Dillard

Resources for New Deltek Vision Users

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Are you new to Deltek Vision? Has it been a while since you or your team has received training on Deltek Vision? Are you interested in a new Vision product or module?

Deltek has the answer for you. It is called the Deltek Learning Zone (DLZ) [Video]. The DLZ is your one stop shop for Deltek Vision training, Through DLZ, you have access to a wide array of learning options designed to help you and your organization make the most of your ERP software investment. DLZ allows you to have online teacher training with scheduled classes rotating every 4 to 6 weeks based on subject and modules. If you do not want to participate in an actual class, you can learn via pre-recorded class at your leisure.

If you are looking for more of a how-to-list, there are PDF slides for you to view and print. You can even take these slides and adjust them to your company’s needs for future training.

Let’s say you are on Deltek Vision 7.6 SaaS and you are hearing all the great things about Deltek Vantagepoint, but you are just not sure about it or you have been given the instruction that your company is going to upgrade at a certain time, you can take classes on DPS. Maybe you hired a new account payable teammate and you need to make sure they have the training for accounts payable. You can assign them applicable courses and hand-outs.

Not only is DLZ, easy to use, flexible and convenient but it is also a low-cost options training. Check out the DLZ Sample Assets, which include:

  • Support videos
  • Self-paced learning
  • Infographics
  • Virtual classes
  • Clickguide

You can also login to Deltek University to watch an introduction video here. Feel free to take a look at the links provided for examples of the learning zone. Contact your Deltek Vision Account Manager for prices or additional information.

Note: Deltek University encourages you to use the Chrome Browser with latest Flash plugin and pop-up blocker turned off for the optimum user experience in the DLZ and our Virtual Live Classes.

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