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Sage 100 ERP (formerly MAS 90 & 200) is an accounting software solution that delivers comprehensive financial and operational functionality, including strong inventory management and light manufacturing, which provides businesses confidence and the ability to streamline operations.

Sage 100 ERP MAS90 MAS200 Overview
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Sage 100 ERP allows distributors with one or multiple locations to connect the entire business, from the financial and accounting department, to the warehouse, and to inside and outside sales and services teams, to collaborate with suppliers and customers, and gain better visibility into their operations.

Smaller companies are challenged with responding quickly and efficiently to the customer needs in order stay profitable and competitive. In a competitive market, small- and medium-sized companies in all industries need all tools of success at their disposal in order to appeal to customers, save on overhead costs, and provide goods and services effectively. Sage 100 software is, in one program, your ability to achieve these goals and remain on track to financial success against your competition. Sage 100 ERP empowers companies to forecast, organize, and ship items with precision, including imports and exports. Distributors who are also manufacturers can maintain multi-level bill of materials, accurately track costs, and eliminate costly production delays and simplify scheduling. It also enables better customer service. A product like Sage 100c will be your overall tool for better financial practices and eliminating roadblocks to your growth.

Distributors and manufacturers need to understand their customer and product trends, to make the best recommendations and provide excellent service. Companies that are able to analyze trends and collaborate internally and externally with its suppliers and customers significantly improve company performance over those that don’t.

Key Benefits of Sage 100 ERP:

  • Customer information, invoices, payments, quotes, and orders flow through the system
  • Deep visibility and management into inventory, incoming orders, track shipments, process returns, and provide customer-specific pricing
  • Dashboards, automated reporting, and analytics
  • Contextual information and related tasks increase productivity and streamline workflows
  • Innovative customization that’s upgrade safe, and add-on services for specialized functionality
  • Ability to generate financial reports and statements, retain up to 99 years of transaction history, and include non-financial information such as square footage and inventory quantity in allocation calculations.
  • Decreased reliance on spreadsheets, paper reporting, and other unreliable and time-consuming financial management processes

Formerly known as Sage MAS or Sage MAS 200, Sage 100 can transform your overall business operations for better financial and company management throughout all levels of your business. You might even adjust your own business practices with the assistance of this innovative software. With software resale and consultation professionals like BCS ProSoft, you can install and implement Sage software, upgrade Sage MAS90, train employees, and get started on better financial and company management as soon as possible.

Sage 100 ERP Solutions for Distributors and Manufacturers

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