Over the years, many of our clients have come to us asking us to modify the layout of a standard grid. The most common grid to change is in Customer Maintenance and Inquiry on the Open Invoices tab. Where this once required a modification to the source code, it can now be modified using the Custom Office capabilities of MAS 90 and MAS 200.

In this example, we will modify the Invoices Tab in Customer inquiry to move the Customer Purchase Order Number just to the right of our Invoice Type column.

This is an example of using the "right click" feature to show additional options

  1. Go to Modules > Accounts Receivable > Main > Customer Inquiry.
  2. Click on the the Invoices Tab (Tab 6).
  3. Right click and choose Panel Settings > Customizer (Please Note: You must have access to the Custom Office Module via Security).
  4. Click “Create New Customized Panel and select the User (or security group) and company that you want to have access to this customization. Click OK to advance to the next screen. Note: If you select “All” for the User and Company, every user will see the same customized form.

Example of the Customizer Panel Selection screen.

  • You will be advanced to the panel to be modified.
  • Invoice Panel in Customizer

  • Right Click and click on the Fomat tab (Tab 2). This will show the columns. You can click on the Add button to add a field that is available in the table, but not included on the form. You can also move fields to the left and right on the grid by highlighting the field you want to move and pressing the Up Arrow (moves the field to the left in the grid) or the Down Arrow (moves the field to the right in the grid).
  • Grid View for Open Invoices

  • While on the Format Tab, scroll down the list of Columns and highlight the Custom PO No. field. Press the up arrow button until the Customer PO No. field is just below the Invoice Type field. Press OK.
  • Save the form, exit and restart Customer Inquiry, and click on the Invoices tab. The Customer PO No. column should now be in the third position.
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