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Unfortunately, not all Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software implementations or projects go as planned. Whether it be project scope creep, over customization or the implementer simply can’t get the job done – project failure can take many forms: from complete operational disruption to a lack of alignment or user buy-in.

Project Recovery Plan

Each engagement begins with a conversation between key stakeholders in your organization and our Consulting team to identify risks and develop an action plan to address low-hanging fruit in the short-term and more significant improvements in the longer term. Then we’ll put together a 5-Step Project Recovery Plan to regain lost momentum with your troubled ERP project:

We’ll start the project recovery process by reviewing your current project plan and any related documents. We’ll discuss your goals and expectations and provide an objective “State of the Project” Report. This is shared with key decision-makers so that you can notify other stakeholders and begin to discuss options with our team.

Our Professional Services team will prepare a Project Recovery Plan to define the project scope and serve as a road map throughout the engagement. At this point we’ll make one of four recommendations: Restart, Recover, Re-Scope or Retire. You’ll select one of the actions, suggest changes or modifications, and authorize our next step.

With a potential solution to your troubled project in hand, we develop a detailed plan to restart, recover, re-scope or retire the project, recommending changes to the people, process, structure and purpose of the project within the plan. Our team then implements the Response Plan, providing you with regular status reports on progress toward implementing the plan.

With the Response Plan implemented and the project in a stable state, our team transitions the project over to the leadership you have selected, monitoring the project thereafter to ensure successful transition. If the project was retired, we provide a report that confirms the retirement is complete.

So that your organization can learn from mistakes of the past, our Project Recovery team conducts a brief retrospective that identifies the causes of your troubled project. Then, we recommend possible changes in your organization to avoid future project derailments and improve overall success.

Maybe you love your current ERP software partner, but they don’t have the expertise you need. We will gladly work side-by-side with them to resolve your issues. Regardless if you’re just looking for an independent analysis of the current state of your implementation or someone to completely take over and start from scratch – BCS ProSoft is here to help you get your project back on track so that you can start realizing the returns as quickly as possible.

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