Many organizations preparing to implement a new ERP system are unaware of the amount of heavy lifting their own project team is responsible for, in addition to the work the vendor team is doing.

The implementation process may last anywhere between a few weeks for a standard, out of the box technical configuration, to a year or more for a more complex ERP system rollout. Does your team have someone to devote to keeping your team and the vendor team on task to meet your required system live date?

BCS ProSoft’s proven implementation methodology and project management services include the identification of risks and corresponding mitigation strategies around Enterprise Resource Planning systems implementations. Some of the tasks and deliverables that are included in our Project Management services offering include:

  • A detailed project plan template and completed resource plan for project implementation and deployment strategy, project team organization planning, weekly status updates, and identification of project risk with risk mitigation recommendations and documentation
  • Conduct requirements analysis and identify gaps in current implementation approach
  • Provide guidance on best practices for ERP systems configuration and deployments
  • Identify data management, configuration or process items or changes that will deliver potential time/cost savings during the implementation
  • Interface with the Client to facilitate the resolution of configuration, timeline or delivery issues
  • Discuss User Adoption plan, including Communication and Training plans, introducing best practices and proven approaches based on successfully executed plans from similar organizations
  • Attendance and participation in status calls; provided documented minutes, action item assignments and status documentation after each call
  • Interface with the Client to provide certainty of the project implementation and eliminate risk
  • Provide other consulting services as identified by the Client to ensure a successful deployment of the ERP system

In our three decades of experience as the leading ERP systems consulting firm, we have come to realize that it is vitally important to the success of any project that you have a Project Manager that is independent of the vendor. Having been involved in many of the most successful ERP systems implementations for all the major vendors, our experience is vast. We work in a very collaborative manner so as to constantly share information and bring in specific resources as needed to ensure a successful and on-time implementation while reducing project risk.