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Use Sage 100 and Accept MasterCard? IMPORTANT!

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sage-100-mastercardDo you use Sage 100 (formerly MAS 90/MAS 200) and accept MasterCard as a method of payment?

Last week Sage Support made an important announcement regarding MasterCard credit and debt cards.

Starting October 1, 2017 MasterCard will begin to issue credit and debit cards that start with the number 2. Mastercard currently issues credit and debit cards that start with a number 5. It is imperative to accept these new cards as it is mandatory by MasterCard.

Processing via Sage 100 and Sage Exchange Desktop

If you currently processing credit cards through integration of Sage 100 and Sage Exchange Desktop, you should see no change in processing behavior. The Sage Exchange Desktop (SED) is the software that connects Sage 100 to the processing Sage Payment Solutions Gateway. Sage Payment Solutions has notified BCS ProSoft that the new BIN numbers are ready to be accepted via the gateway.

Processing via an Externally Connected CC Terminal

If your company uses a third-party CC terminal with a direct connection to the Sage Payment Solutions gateway, you may need to update the specific terminal software to ensure compliance with the new BIN numbers. Failure to update your credit card terminal to accept these new card numbers could place your merchant account in jeopardy and subject to monetary assessments for each occurrence.

Additional and specific account information, including compliant gateway and credit card terminal lists can be found at If you need any additional assistance please send us a message or contact your Sage 100 Account Manager at (800) 882-6705.