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Project Description

[Report] Deltek 2017 Management Consulting Industry

The Key Factors for Success in a Newly Digitized World

Deltek Report

2017 Management Consulting Industry


The 2017 Management Consulting Industry Snapshot explores the agility and constant evolution of the industry as well as the key trends and challenges anticipated for the year ahead. Also included are tangible solutions to empower consulting firms and satisfy clients.

In this report, you will find commentary on:

  • The growing division of the market
  • The importance of digital transformation
  • The fierce competition for talent
  • The need for collaboration
  • The challenge to traditional business models

Learn how to respond rapidly and embrace change in order to retain clients, maintain a competitive edge, and ensure long-term growth and success.

In this report, you’ll discover how to respond rapidly and embrace change in order to:

ARM Software

Retain and delight clients

ARM Software

Maintain a competitive edge

ARM Software

Ensure long-term growth and success