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Optimize Manufacturing Automation with JOScan and JobOps for Sage 100

January 30, 2017 by Patrick Haley

Optimize Manufacturing Automation with JOScan and JobOps for Sage 100

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As a manufacturer, your business success can be determined by pennies. Every opportunity to improve the productivity of your operations is a way to be more competitive and successful. BCS ProSoft has partnered with Scanco to offer manufacturing solutions that can help you further optimize your operations.

Streamlined and Synchronized Labor and Material Tracking

Our powerful barcode solution for manufacturers, JOScan, can eliminate data entry errors and save time and money by providing expanded real-time visibility of your manufacturing labor and materials. JOScan is a flexible, mobile solution that lets you track labor and materials on the production floor. This Scanco system is completely integrated with Sage 100 JobOps and the data JOScan collects is immediately available to Sage 100.

JOScan offers seamless integration with existing Sage 100 manufacturing processes. JOScan for Labor Tracking puts the functionality of JobOps Time Tracker Time Entry wherever you need it on your manufacturing floor. Using JOScan, you can track the time spent on each step by scanning the employee number and the step of the job. You can then track labor against jobs, track non-productive time and other costs, including machine downtime, breaks, re-tooling, setup, and training. You can also collect payroll punch times, and transfer that data to Sage 100 for use in payroll.

JOScan for Parts Usage gives you the functionality of JobOps Time Tracker Parts Usage with the flexibility of a mobile barcode solution. You can track all parts used by step for a work ticket, issue material to jobs, and more. Once you scan the job and the part, the information is available in Sage 100 JobOps.

Scanco’s Manufacturing Automation Solutions

JOScan’s manufacturing automation and integration to Sage 100 is a solution that pays for itself in productivity improvements. Contact your account manager at BCS ProSoft to learn more about Scanco’s expanded manufacturing automation solutions for Sage 100, Sage 500 and NetSuite ERP to and how we can help you optimize your entire operation by  automating your warehouse and manufacturing processes.