Deltek Vision Year-End Payroll Updates

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*This post primarily pertains to on-premise Deltek Vision customers using the Payroll module.

Several of my Deltek Vision customers on version 7.3 or older recently asked me which versions will no longer be supported at the end of 2015. Unfortunately Deltek’s product release table can be a little confusing and out of date, so I reached out to some colleagues on the Deltek Vision Product Team for clarification.

Deltek Vision 7.3 WILL Receive Year-End Payroll Updates

Deltek Vision 7.3 will receive the Year-End Payroll updates in December. These will be followed by applicable regulatory updates and hotfixes issued in January of 2016. However, it’s important to note that this will be the last update to Vision 7.3. If you’re using a version prior to 7.3 and the payroll module, you must update!

Maintenance Support for Deltek Vision 7.3 is Being Retired

Though 7.3 will receive it’s last YE payroll update, you also need to be aware the maintenance support for this version will also cease at the end of January. We understand that upgrading at this point may not be an option, but we are actively encouraging our Vision clients on outdated versions to consider a cloud deployment of Deltek Vision or upgrade to version 7.5 in 2016.

Join a Deltek Vision User Group

We’ll touch on this at our regularly scheduled Deltek Vision User Group meetings in Baton Rouge, Honolulu, Houston, San Antonio, and San Diego. These meetings are free and a great chance to get any questions you may have answered by Vision experts and fellow users in your community. IF BCS ProSoft doesn’t sponsor a user group in your city you are welcome to sign up for the webcast or search for a local user group near you.

BCS ProSoft is Here When You Need Us

If you need help upgrading or applying any of the updates, BCS ProSoft is here to assist you. As a Deltek Vision account manager, I can help you schedule any resources you may need or point you in the right direction at the very least. Feel free to email me or call my direct line at (808)-345-8015.