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What’s New in Sage 100 v2019

The Sage 100 v2019 is designed to optimize efficiency, improve adoption, increase customizability, and enhanced security. Proven. Flexible. Connected. Sage 100cloud is Your business management solution.

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3 Steps to Paperless Efficiency with Sage 100 + DocLink Document Management

Sometimes when we speak with companies about document management, we hear “This solution would be so great… if only we had the budget for it.” There is a perception that if you want to make a digital transformation to go paperless, you have to buy the whole expensive software package with all the bells and whistles. Many Sage 100 users don’t realize that they can use a scalable document management solution like DocLink to start small and grow with their company. For some companies, it’s easier to get approval on the investment if it comes in smaller pieces. In this post, we're going to outline a three step program to increase paperless efficiency with document management by DocLink and Sage 100.

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