BizInsight by BizNet

BizInsight is an Excel-based financial reporting and analytics solution that delivers simple, yet powerful, business reporting and analysis capabilities to Sage 100 ERP, Deltek Vision, and NetSuite ERP users.

BizNet BizInsight

BizInsight by BizNet makes it easy to gain control of your entire business reporting and analysis process by ensuring data from your ERP system ties to data in Excel. Entries into your business system are automatically reflected in your spreadsheets, eliminating the need to re-key or export data.

BizInsight is compatible with Sage 100 ERP (formerly MAS 90 & MAS 200) and Deltek Vision systems. BizInsight’s installation takes minutes and takes advantage of your existing hardware. The Excel-based financial reporting solution leverages existing spreadsheets and allows users to build their reports within the hour. BizInsight saves clients countless man hours and provides immediate answers to business questions.

Direct Link to Your Business Data

BizInsight directly integrates your business data with Excel, removing the need for a data warehouse, providing end users with the assurance that data in Excel always ties back to your live data.

100% Excel-Based

BizInsight makes it easy for end users to produce accurate reports with detailed audit trails all within Excel. Companies can make better use of their existing spreadsheets and no longer have to rely upon a single power report builder to create new reports.

Robust Reporting & Analysis

With BizInsight, you can create drag and drop reports, utilize reporting templates and create fully integrated reports from existing spreadsheets all within Excel. Dynamic Multi-Dimensional Drill Down empowers end users with the ability to get answers to business questions immediately.

Key Benefits of BizInsight:

  • Connects the ERP data to Excel for access to information
  • Real-time drag and drop report creation
  • Leverage your existing spreadsheets
  • Refresh reports on your own
  • Report from multiple ERP modules
  • Consolidate companies from different databases
  • Multi dimensional drill-down
  • Rapid report generation with In-Memory caching
  • Replaces static Excel spreadsheets with live reports
  • Pulls data from your ERP eliminating the need for, data-marting or exporting, so the numbers always tie
  • Reduce the month-end close time by eliminating re-running and distributing of reports

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