Sage 100 Compatibility with Windows 10

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We just received confirmation from Sage that Sage 100 (formerly MAS 90 & MAS 200) is NOT currently compatible with Windows 10.

No official announcement or press release has been issued just yet, but we’ll be sure to update this blog post as that information becomes available.

In reality this probably doesn’t mean that Sage 100 won’t work on Windows 10, but just that the Sage 100 development team hasn’t had to opportunity to fully test it for kinks yet before the July 29 release date. Sage City user stuart_1 wrote that he has tested Sage 100 2014 in a Windows 10 test environment without any issues. However, it’s much safer to let Sage do the testing before you jump into the deep end.

For what it’s worth, I don’t think there will be many issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I immediately upgrade to Windows 10 when it is released?

No. Do not upgrade machines running Sage 100 to Windows 10 just yet.
Sage has not completed testing compatibility between Sage 100 and Windows 10. We do not yet know how any Sage products work with the new version of Windows 10. We advise you to wait until Sage officially certifies the product. In the meantime, please keep using Windows 7 or Windows 8 on your devices and we’ll send out an update when compatibility is announced.

Will I be able to upgrade to Windows 10 if my Sage ERP system is hosted?

Yes. You can upgrade to Windows 10 if Sage 100 software is hosted.
Since your Sage 100 system is not located on your local machine and is accessed via Remote Desktop, you should have absolutely no issues upgrading to Windows 10.

What are the advantages of upgrading to Windows 10?

Here are a few features of Windows 10 that we like:

Start Menu
The start menu from Windows 7 that many people miss has returned, but with the modern look of Windows 8. Functionally speaking, if you use Windows 8, you know how frustrating it can be to jump between your desktop screen and Metro tiles. In Windows 10, you’ll be able to see the broad picture at once!

The highly anticipated virtual personal assistant that was first made popular by the Halo video game franchise will be released with Windows 10. Cortana is Microsoft’s response to to Apple’s Siri and Google Now. She will be help you set reminders, perform internet searches and a number of other things simply by saying “Hey Cortana”. Microsoft has even hinted at a release for Cortana on iPhone and Android later this year.

Microsoft Edge Internet Browser
The new Internet browser, Microsoft Edge is sleek and is 110% faster than Internet Explorer. It was built from scratch, without a hint of that old clunker IE.

Task View
It will be easier to switch between apps in Windows 10, thanks to Task View. It also enables working with multiple “virtual” desktops, which was formerly only available on Macs.

Why is Windows 10 FREE?

As you may have heard, Microsoft is offering a free download of this system software for users of Windows 7 Service Pak 1 and Windows 8.1.* It is available at no charge in an effort to give desktops, laptops, and mobile devices a standardized operating system. This will be one of the most important operating system releases ever, prompted by the plethora of issues encountered with Windows 8.

*Offer is good within one year of availability (per Microsoft).

Once Windows 10 is released, what should I do?

Stay tuned! BCS ProSoft will keep you updated on compatibility with Windows 10 and Sage 100. If you haven’t already, be sure to sign up for our Sage 100 blog and we’ll notify you when Sage announces compatibility with Windows 10. In the meantime, we are always here to answer your questions!