Optimize Manufacturing Automation with JOScan and JobOps for Sage 100

As a manufacturer, your business success can be determined by pennies. Every opportunity to improve the productivity of your operations is a way to be more competitive and successful. BCS ProSoft has partnered with Scanco to offer manufacturing solutions that can help you further optimize your operations. Streamlined and Synchronized Labor and Material Tracking Our [...]

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How to Stop Small Supply Chain Errors That Add Up to Big Headaches

Have you ever seen one simple data error multiply in magnitude until it creates major headaches? Most supply chain managers will probably say “yes” to that question. One mistake may mean that a shipment is late, an order is wrong, or you don’t meet your margins. Eliminating data error is the one thing you can [...]

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Manufacturing Barcoding Drives Production Floor Efficiency

Are you looking for ways to increase manufacturing efficiency? Do you ever wish that you had more information about what is happening on your production floor? You can reach your goals with manufacturing automation tools. A simple manufacturing barcode can provide you with the information you need to improve efficiency. With a barcode, you can [...]

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2017 Sales Tax Changes

Get ready for new changes to sales and use tax in 2017 In 2017, when it comes to sales tax, states are taking stances on everything from soda to streaming content, tobacco to tampons. The New Year will also bring renewed efforts by states to implement internet sales taxes and continue the legal battle to [...]

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Supply Chain Management Trends for 2017

Returning to the Roots of World-Class Manufacturing and Distribution Operations Manufacturing and distribution operations are coming home in 2017. After a couple decades of outsourcing supply chains in locations like India and China, the trend is to take a more balanced approach that includes local operations. This trend is discussed In an article entitled The [...]

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Which State is Best for Your Manufacturing Warehouse Operations?

If you are considering a new manufacturing warehouse or operations location, the 2016 Manufacturing and Logistics Report Card may offer some useful insights. The Report Card gives a grade to each state on how likely manufacturers are to locate warehouses or production within the state. Here are a few considerations worthy of a second look [...]

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3 Tips for Successful Mobile Field Service Implementation

If you are thinking of implementing a mobile field service system, these tips can help. Include everyone in the requirements-gathering stage: While it’s tempting to include only the IT department in choosing a mobile field service system, you need to include the actual service representatives who will interact with the system. By making sure that [...]

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Deltek Vision Updates – December 2016

As we work to round out 2016, I wanted to pass along a few key updates for existing Deltek Vision customers. Year-End Info Center for Vision The Year-End Info Center is now available! Customers can access year-end knowledge base articles, videos, guides, checklists and more. They can access up-to-date tax changes for 2016, submit questions [...]

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Sage announces winners of CEO Circle for FY 2016

BCS ProSoft, Inc. named Sage CEO Circle winner of the highest product revenue growth for Sage 100 category for North America  [San Antonio, TX – December 12, 2016] – Sage, the market leader in cloud accounting software, announced the winners of its Sage CEO Circle, an inaugural world-wide awards program designed to reward and recognize [...]

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Warehouse Management Services Provide That Extra Boost

As you plan for the new year and evaluate your operations, you may be wondering what you can do to streamline a little bit more, improve customer service, or enhance employee productivity. You have high standards and so does BCS PrSoft. That's why we've partnered with Scanco. Their Warehouse Management Services can help you identify opportunities [...]

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