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Patrick Haley is the Director of Marketing for BCS ProSoft, a technology consulting firm that specializes accounting software systems. He has been working in the business management technology industry for 5+ years and frequently blogs about Sage, Deltek, and NetSuite ERP systems. An author of numerous industry reports, he is loathe to discuss himself in the third person but can be persuaded to do so from time to time. Find him on LinkedIn.

Announcing Deltek for Professional Services

On Thursday, November 9th, Deltek launched Deltek for Professional Services (DPS). DPS was built specifically for the management consulting industry, and was designed to help consulting firms manage their projects and engagements from start to finish. Why Deltek? For the past 30+ years every single one of Deltek’s 2,600 employees has been living and breathing [...]

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Why Work with a NetSuite Partner?

You're a go-getter – a pace-setter – a game changer. You understand that the Cloud can deliver significant benefits; Benefits you could unlock if you had real-time insights, streamlined processes and a 360 degree view of performance across your business. Instead, you rely on siloed information, patchy intelligence and clunky legacy on-premise solution from SAP [...]

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How You Take Your Coffee May Affect Its Taxability

This post originally appeared on the Avalara blog. When researching my favorite beverage for National and International Coffee Days (Sept. 29 and Oct. 1), I discovered that coffee hyped up goats in ninth century Ethiopia and was dubbed a “bitter invention of Satan” by 17th century Christian Italians. This was unexpected. Still, the history [...]

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IMPORTANT! Deltek Vision 2017 Year-End Updates

Earlier today Deltek Customer Care sent an email to all Deltek Vision users regarding support for older versions. Deltek Vision year-end updates in 2017 will be provided for versions 7.5 and 7.6. If your firm is running Vision 7.4 or older, you must upgrade to a supported version to receive a 2017 year-end update. Please [...]

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The Truth Behind Sales Tax Audits

With the myriad responsibilities involved in running a successful business, it should come as no surprise that preparing for a sales and use tax audit is not exactly a high priority or favorite topic of conversation among business owners. There are only so many hours in a day, and many companies choose to put [...]

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[Webinar] The New Nexus: Use Tax Reporting

Here’s a million-dollar question: Is it necessary to inform your out-of-state customers that they may be liable for use tax reporting? For many states, the answer is YES. New laws now require companies without a physical in-state presence to begin notifying customers they owe use tax and reporting customer sales to the state. It’s [...]

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2017 Mid-Year Sales Tax Changes

July was a big month for sales tax across the U.S. As most states began their fiscal new year, new laws went into effect. Even the sales tax gurus can’t remember of all of the new rules in every state, so why should you? To help you understand how these changes may affect your [...]

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How to Integrate NetSuite Forms with reCAPTCHA

We implemented NetSuite forms throughout our website a couple weeks ago and it was working great until a Russian spam bot network discovered our unprotected forms. We purposely chose not to implement a spam trap because no one likes having to type a series of illegible words just to submit a form. However, once our [...]

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BCS ProSoft Announces New Internship Program & UTSA Partnership

San Antonio, TX – July 31, 2017 – BCS ProSoft is proud to announce a partnership with the University of Texas at San Antonio to launch a new internship program. The internship program will help the company expand its NetSuite, Deltek and Sage ERP consulting practices around Texas. New student employees are being hired for [...]

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BCS ProSoft Ranks in BSI’s Top 100 VARs

BCS ProSoft has been named to the Bob Scott’s Insights Top 100 VARs for 2017. The Top 100 resellers are chosen from organizations specializing in the sale and implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and accounting software. “We want to congratulate this year's class of Bob Scott's Top 100 VARs,” said Bob Scott, executive editor [...]

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